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Project works on two levels at the same time:

• a commercial level and product distribution

• a cultural level linked to the picture, especially in Italy, where food is very linked to the quality of life and a real philosophy of living in the most natural way, with more attention to the area, the recovery of traditions, respect of habitat.

Our goal is to not just to sell a product but try to make it clear to the consumer what are the values behind, what's inside, how and by whom it was made, the land that generated it, the context cultural environment in which it has been grown and processed.

The food

is culture,


is of living




The only commitment to the chosen companies will be to send, at its expense, a fair sampling of selected products that will serve part for tastings, part of the decor of the Nanjing office which will also be a Showroom.

For these reasons, the companies involved will be able to produce also material that illustrates the history of the products and the company, and its owners. It will be necessary to produce a video message that can to explain where products come from, how we use it, how we form combinations etc.



An agreement was signed with a major Beijing TV stations which provides a weekly program, managed by our group, which lasts 15 to 30 minutes that will allow us to prepare a format for the presentation of a TV programme that talks about food, food culture, country history and to how food can rely that much to the Art and Culture in this point of view. The companies will have to give the more materials and ideas to realize the idea at the best.



We made an agreement with FIC (Italian Federation Chefs) that adds up more than 12.000 Chefs and 4.000 students.

They already have a base in Pechino where we are in touch with, and that We are planning courses and events due to Cultural exchanges and professional in this sector.

We also made an agreement with IAS (Italian Association Sommelier) that will realize for our group a number of Sommelier Courses, that will train young students that will become the most professional commercial agents for our products.



In the first phase, from mid-February to mid-May we will be collected all the documentation on individual products, with a minimum of features, prices, quantities and production time, shipping methods, minimum purchase etc.

In July, a delegation of potential customers will arrive in Europe and visit some companies involved and will taste products.

Around the middle of September there will be the opening of the office in Nanjing with the participation of several Chinese operators and the Ambassadors of the countries involved.

Since then start the orders of the products that will be destined mainly to the sale of the holiday period of the Chinese New Year, which falls normally at the end of January and is an important test like the Christmas period is for us.



Each company needs to confirm in writing quantity and delivery time. When goods will be ready, the suppliers will send a pro-forma invoice, and they will receive payment by bank transfer, after which the goods will be prepared for shipping, the cost of which will be entirely absorbed by the Chinese side.

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