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There are not many companies, even though organized and with a good turnover, that can, by themselves, face up to all these issues. If we add the difficulties of language and culture, as a whole, it is evident that only a “System Project” can be a viable proposal.

It took us more than two years to put together a team that could have the skills, the ability to fund the launch of a major initiative, entrepreneurship, relationships and especially the mentality. We are extremely proud of the work because We have reached a result that goes beyond all the expectations.



The group is made up of entrepreneurs who have held Government or prestige positions and maintain the highest level political relations; the representative of a of 10 banks group, the owner of a Company that deals with the web selling of quality organic food products that has about over 3 million customers, the owner of a network of over 200 stores in the Region of Nanjing for the sale of food products.


A separate mention is made for the Vice President of the Western Aviation Group, the Society of Air transportation goods that participated in the construction of a railway line from Chengdu (which has excellent links with the cities of Wuhan, Nanning and Kunming and the ports of Shanghai, Ningbo, Yiwu, Shenzhen and Xiamen) and arrives in Rotterdam (first stop in Europe for the number of containers handled) and that will take care of logistics, with a saving in terms of time (a container takes about 15 days Europe-China) and costs due to a government contribution of each container.

The German company OPDR (CMA CGM Group), which recently opened an office in Milan, is the reference in Italy for such shipments, also facilitated by the recent opening of the Gotthard tunnel which takes up to an hour journey Genoa-Rotterdam.



The Project is based on the Wholesale and web distribution of quality products through some logistical plants located in Nanjing, Chengdu, Xian, Beijing, Harbin, and especially the creation of a sales network able to put the central distribution in touch with retail stores, catering, customers and selected families, through the Internet.

 These sales methods will be different and provide the opening of a significant number of franchised shops, restaurants, online sales.

 Given the dimension of the project, there will be involved other countries besides Italy, which remains the focal point.

The group projects are extremely ambitious in terms of turnover. Their project plans within three years to open at least 2,000 stores, about fifty restaurants, with an annual turnover of at least 80 million Euro and enter the stock exchange. These seem very high numbers, but those who have experience in China’s market know that they are in line with the size and population of the country.

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